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Used for finishes in castles and warehouses, plaster is a naturally-sourced wall material used for generations in Japan. The many functions of slaked lime, its primary ingredient, make it suitable for the modern airtight home.


Plaster has gained attention for its efficacy in preventing sick building syndrome and
for its high functionality, and is commonly used in wall materials today.



01 Odor Absorption

Absorbs ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, and methyl mercaptan, which are the main cause of unpleasant odors. This lets you create measures to counteract household odors such as bacteria, germs, mold, cigarette, and pet odors.

02 Antiviral & Antibacterial

Prevents the growth and proliferation of bacteria and inhibit viruses as well. This makes it ideal for places other than the home where many people come together, such as schools or shopping centers.

03 VOC Adsorption

Adsorbs VOCs such as formaldehyde, a causative factor of sick building syndrome. This makes it ideal for rooms for sickly children, the elderly, and pets.

04 CO2 Absorption

CO2 in the room is lowered, reducing effects on the body. This helps clear the head and keep the air in rooms and offices clean.

05 Safe and Secure

Since slaked lime hardens when it reacts with carbon dioxide, there is no need to add volatile organic compounds such as film-forming agents. Using natural materials and no unnecessary additives, this material is safe and secure, both for humans and for the environment.

06 CO2 Reduction

Even if this wallpaper gets stained or scratched, the same coating can be applied over it, eliminating the need for regular replacement. This reduces the effort needed to replace wallpaper and reduces waste, helping to reduce CO2 emissions.

07 FSC™ Certified Product

Our wallpaper product is one of only a few in Japan to have received FSC certification. The use of fleece helps to promote proper management of the world’s forests. *FSC certification is a system that certifies products derived from forest products that have been properly logged and managed in consideration of the environment and local communities.


Introduction of construction method
Introduction of construction tools


■ Color: White (one color)
■ Product No.: S01
■ Size: 95 cm wide x 25 m long per roll
- Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Certification Number: MFN-350F
- Fireproof Materials Certified Product
- Noncombustible Materials Certification: NM-0223
- Quasi-Noncombustible Materials Certification: QM-0135 (Based on combination with base materials)



(1 box: Contains 3 bags, sales unit: starts at 1 bag)

- Contains high adhesive content, giving it strong adhesive strength that sticks to the base.
- A curly wallpaper
- An ideal adhesive for installing wallpaper that will be reapplied.
Possible installation area: (6 kg per bag): About 33 to 40 rrl


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